Tool construction

Our toolmaking department has its own design and construction department. Our tool designers contribute their many years of experience. The know-how already flows into feasibility assessments and preliminary studies. With an in-house tool construction department, we ensure that critical details can be checked in feasibility studies.

In the development phase, we work with preliminary studies and tool designs. With filling simulations and demoulding studies, the design department makes a valuable contribution to our co-engineering process in the enquiry and project phase. With these resources, proposed tool concepts can be checked and improved. In addition, the part geometry is optimised for plastics.

The tool design and construction is made with the CAD system Solid Works. Subsequently, detailed drawings of all parts are made with material specifications and tolerances.

Before producing the tool or the mold, we work with design and manufacturing meetings. In this way we ensure that the experience gained from implemented projects is incorporated into the new tool, and that all the departments involved contribute input and ideas prior to manufacture.

«A modern CAD system supports our tool design»


Solid Works

We work with the CAD system Solid Works.


«Do you have an enquiry for an injection moulding tool? I look forward to receiving your enquiry.»

Kornel Berwert, Head of Sales


Filling studies

To determine the filling behaviour and warpage of the plastic part, we work with filling simulations via Solidworks Plastics.



Preliminary studies / tool designs

In the development phase, our design can add value with preliminary studies and tool designs.




Demoulding studies

Demoulding studies help in the development of the tool concept and the optimisation of the part geometry.



Tool simulations

The functionality of a designed injection moulding tool can be simulated and checked in the CAD system.