A machine park at the highest level

Our toolmaking machinery is of the highest technical standard. We maintain a partnership with the manufacturers of the machines and are constantly developing further in cooperation with the suppliers.


Our state-of-the-art machinery includes wire-cut EDM machines, die-sinking EDM machines, lathes, milling centres, drilling machines and cylindrical and surface grinding machines.

We work with the PEPS CAD / CAM programming system (2-D / 2.5-D) for programming the machines.

CNC Wire Eroding Machine - Charmilles Robofil 4030


Travel X / Y 450x350 mm
SI travel U / V +/- 50 mm
Free angle machining to 60mm +/- 30
ITS clamping system
Wire diameter 0.15 to 0.30 mm
Taper Expert for very precise taper cuts
Programming via programming system

CNC Wire Eroding Machine - GF AgieCharmilles 550 P Pro


Travel X / Y / Z 550x350x400 mm
Travel U / V 550/350 mm
Free angle machining +/-45° / 400
ITS clamping system
Wire diameter 0.10 to 0.30 mm
Taper Expert for very precise taper cuts
Programming via programming system

CNC Wire Eroding Machine- Charmilles Robofil 240cc


Travel X / Y / Z 350x220x220 mm
U, V travel 350 x 220 mm
Free angle machining +/- 30° / 220
ITS clamping system
Wire diameter 0.25 to 0.33
Programming via programming system

CNC Die Sinking EDM Cell


Automated die-sinking EDM cell consisting of:
- Charmilles Roboform 350 Micro Tec
- Robot 3R Workpartner II
- Charmilles Roboform 350 SP
- Measuring and presetting station 3D CNC Hexagon Global Performance

CNC Die Sinking Eroding Machine- Charmilles Roboform 35P


Travel X / Y / Z 350x250x300 mm
Quill with C-axis
Clamping system ITS & UPC
Robot QCRI
4 UPC pallets; 90 electrode positions
Copper, graphite & micro technology

CNC Starting Hole Drilling Machine - AgieCharmilles Drill 20


Travel X / Y / Z 300x200x300 mm
Electrode diameter 0.3mm-1.5mm

CNC Turning Machine - CMZ TC 20


4-axis lathe with counter spindle
and driven tools

CNC Turning Machin - Mori Seiki SL-150


Travel X / Y 230x520 mm
Tool turret 12-fold

HSC 5-Axis Milling Centre - Kern Micro SN 985


Spindle speed 42000 min-1
Travel X/Y 350 / 220 mm
Traverse path Z 250 mm
B-axis +110° / -110°
HSK- E40 tool cabinet 90 places
Erowa ITS50 - pallets 30 places
Control Heidenhain TNC 640

HSC 5-Axis Milling Centre - DMU 65 H monoBLOCK


Horizontal 5-axis universal machining centre
650 mm x 950 mm x 700 mm
Motor spindle speedMASTER® HSK-A 63
Spindle speed 20 - 20.000 min-1
Horizontal milling head
Chain magazine 60 places HSK-A63
NC swivel rotary table d 650 mm
Accuracy package
80 bar IKZ coolant system
Control CELOS with Heidenhain TNC 640

CNC Milling Machine - Mikron HPM 600 HD


HSK-A63 Spindle speed 20000 min-1 with IK
traverse path X/Y/Z 650 /600/500mm
tool changer 30-fold
Control Haidenhain iTNC 530

CNC Milling Machine - DMC 650V


HSK-A63 Spindle speed 20000 min-1
Travel X/Y/Z 650/520/475mm
IK and internal air
Control Haidenhain TNC640

CNC Milling and Drilling Machine - Fehlmann Picomax 54 Top


Travel X / X 500 / 260 mm
Travel Z 480mm / quill W160mm
SK30 spindle speed 9000 min-1
Control Haidenhain TNC 310_AT

NC Milling and Drilling Machine - Fehlmann Picomax 54


Travel X /Y 500 / 250 mm
Travel Z 480mm / quill W 160 mm
SK30 spindle speed 8000 min-1
Control Haidenhain TNC 124

CNC Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine - Kellenberger "KEL-VITA" (UR 175/1000)


Centre height 175mm
Grinding length up to 1'000mm
grinding head UR 1-2-3
Grinding wheel equipment left
Grinding wheel equipment right
internal grinding spindle
automatic indexing of the grinding head
Measuring system with gating sensors
Fanuc 31i-B programming system

Flat Grinding Machine- Okamato ACC-84 DC


Grinding area 800 x 400mm

Programming and Measuring Systems


Programming system:
Missler Top Solid CAD / CAM (3-D)
With 3-D measuring system m&h form inspect
Machining module CNC milling
5 axes HSC, 3-D solid modelling

3 programming stations:
Programming system
PEPS CAD / CAM (2-D / 2.5-D)
Machining modules : Wire erosion,
die-sinking EDM, CNC milling & CNC turning
CAD interfaces DXF and IGES

Measuring system:
Erowa Pre Set 2D

Measuring Machine


3D CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine
De Meet-404
Video, touch probe and combo version
Joystick control / Completely CNC-controlled
Measuring range X/Y/Z 400/400/200 mm