Substitution of the filter material

Can a filter fabric be replaced by an injection-moulded plastic filter structure?


Starting position

In order to reduce material costs, it should be examined whether a woven plastic fabric can be replaced by an injection-moulded filter structure. The challenges for implementation are diverse.  A structured approach helps to implement the project.

  1. Assessment of the feasibility
  2. Assessment of the process stability
  3. Evaluation of material
  4. Pre-series tool concept

To make the first step, a 3D model of the filter was built and a tool concept was created to do a filling simulation.

3D model

Excerpt from the filling simulation

Engineering process

  1. Engineering

    Assessment feasibility injection moulding tool

    The feasibility for the production of an injection moulding tool was examined.

  2. Engineering

    Assessment of injection moulding process

    The injection moulding process was evaluated using a filling simulation.

  3. Engineering

    Evaluation of material

    A suitable plastic material with the appropriate flow properties was evaluated.

  4. Settings

    2-cavity pre-series tool

    For the proof of concept, it was decided to design and build a 2-cavity pre-production tool.

  5. Production

    Functional sampling

    The function of the new tool concept could be tested with the 2-cavity pre-series tool.

  6. Engineering

    Optimisation of the tool concept

    Based on the findings from the functional sampling of the 2-cavity pre-series tool, a tool concept for series production could be created.

  7. Cases

    Series production concept

    On this basis, a concept and offer for series production could be submitted to the customer.

Filling simulation

Using a filling simulation, it was possible to determine how the injected filter structure fills in the injection moulding tool.

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