• Whether material mix or metal,

    we can design perfect composite parts for you.

The customer’s requirements for parts geometry, tolerances and material selection are constantly increasing. In order to meet these requirements, a personal and flexible co-operation with the customer is required.

In co-engineering with our customers, we develop combined insert parts for a wide range of applications. We process all kinds of insert parts as well as the matching plastics, reinforced from PP, POM, PA, PPA, PPS to PEEK. Depending on demands and requirements, we can offer automated, semi-automated or manual production concepts. The testing and systems are defined and implemented in co-operation with the customer.

Your contact person


Kornel Berwert

Senior Sales Manager – Filtration Products

Tel. +41 41 666 71 27



Senior Sales Manager – Technical Plastic Parts

Tel. +41 41 666 71 39