Water filters

We produce customised water filter cartridges for the household appliance industry.

The water filter cartridges are used, for example, in coffee machines, tea machines, humidifiers, steam ironing systems and drinking water dispensers.

Our water filters reduce the water hardness and the chlorine content in the water. With additional components such as micro or fine filters, particles can also be retained from the water.

elfo is an OEM manufacturer and does not carry a brand for the water filters.


Function water filter cartridges

In many areas, the water is hard. A high proportion of calcium and magnesium salts can lead to limescale deposits in household appliances. These deposits can negatively affect the function of an appliance. We work with ion exchanger technology to reduce water hardness. This technology is based on ion exchange resin, which bind unwanted ions and release other ions into the water.

The annoying taste of chlorinated water can be reduced with activated carbon. The activated carbon can be integrated into a water filter cartridge in granule form or as a block. In addition, activated carbon with its large surface area also binds dissolved particles in the water.

For the filtration of further particles, a micro or fine filter can be integrated.

With additional additives, the water filter can be expanded with other functions.

Filter material selection

We support you in the evaluation and selection of suitable filter materials such as ion exchange resin, activated carbon and additives. elfo ag works exclusively with long-term partners and manufacturers.

We can extend the function of the water filter cartridge with additional filter components and fine filters.


We offer you the complete industrialisation process from the design phase to the selection of raw materials, production of the injection moulding tools and equipments to series production.

Our core competence is the industrialisation and production of water filter cartridges.

In this process we work with the co-engineering approach with our customers.

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Industrialisation process

The sequence of a typical industrialisation process for a water filter:

  1. Designphase / Co-Engineering
  2. 3D model alignment
  3. Evaluation and specification of material
  4. Production of operating equipment (injection moulding tools / assembly lines)
  5. Plastic injection moulding of filter housings and filter parts
  6. Assembly and packaging water filter

«We develop the water filter for your application together with you.»

Christoph Zajonc, Engineering Manager

Customer benefits

Through the co-engineering process, our customers can benefit from our many years of experience in the industrialisation and production of filters. The know-how of our employees from the engineering department flows into the part design.

  1. Product

    Optimised part design

    The part design of your water filter is optimised for the injection moulding and assembly process

  2. Product

    Suitable material selection

    The filter material is designed for your application

  3. Product

    Process stability

    A stable plastic injection moulding and assembly process thanks to feasibility assessment

  4. Product

    Advanced product quality planning

    Compliance with quality specifications and documentation thanks to
    advanced product quality planning with manufacturability assessments, PFMEA, PLP and SPC

«We are happy to support you and work on your request for a water filter.»

Kornel Berwert, Head of Sales


Water filter household appliance


Gravity flow water filter cartridge for a household appliance to reduce water hardness and chlorine
With integrated nonwoven filter material

Water filter coffee machine


Water filter cartridge for a fully automated coffee machine to reduce water hardness and chlorine
With integrated fine filter

Water filter humidifier


Water filter with activated carbon for chlorine reduction

Water filter coffee maker


Water filter cartridge for coffee maker to reduce water hardness and chlorine.
With integrated filter structure

Water filter pitcher


Table water filter for the reduction of water hardness and chlorine

Water filter coffee machine


Water filter cartridge for a fully automed coffee machine to reduce water hardness and chlorine
With integrated microfilter

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