Plastic injection moulding

With our approximately 40 injection moulding machines with clamping forces between 250kN and 2’200 kN, we cover a wide range of possibilities. The machine park is continuously being expanded. The focus is always on the requirements of the parts and the necessary tool concepts. We align our machinery to this..

If necessary, the infrastructure can be expanded with production automation to integrate upstream and downstream process steps. We have decades of experience in the fabrication of filter fabrics as well as with welding and testing processes.


Plastic materials

We process all common thermoplastics on our injection moulding machines from PE, PP, ABS, PC, POM, PBT, PA, PPA, PPS to PEEK.

Special know-how

Our special know-how in plastic injection moulding lies in the following areas.

  1. Insertmoulding and overmoulding of filter materials
  2. Precision injection moulding
  3. Fully automated processes

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Thomas Lang, Senior Sales Manager


Insertmoulding and overmoulding of filter materials

The insertmoulding and overmoulding of filter materials has been our special know-how since 1976. We process all common types of woven mesh such as stainless steel and plastic mesh as well as galvanic filter foils, fleece, nonwoven and membrane material.

The filter material is inserted into the injection moulding tool, positioned and overmoulded with plastic.

If possible, we also use combined punching-insert moulding processes. We are constantly developing this economical production process.


Precision injection moulding

For us, precision injection moulding means meeting the high demands placed on parts throughout their entire service life. The prerequisite for this is a high-performance injection moulding tool as well as professional maintenance of the mould and proven employees in process engineering.


Fully automated processes

We have many years of experience with automated production processes in conjunction with injection moulding machines. These part-specific production islands integrate steps upstream and downstream of injection moulding. The injection moulding machine as the central unit is integrated into the automation process.

Maintenance injection moulding tools

The maintenance of the operating equipment and injection moulding tools is carried out by our own tool and mould department. This ensures professional handling of the injection moulds.