From 3D printing to pre-series production

We accompany our customers through the various phases from A, B, C samples to pre-series and series production.
The findings from these phases are incorporated into the concept for series production.



«Contact us already in the development phase.»

Thomas Lang, Senior Sales Manager

Optimisation 3D model

Already in the development phase we can support you with the optimisation of the 3D model.


3D printing

We can offer 3D printing prototypes if required.

Sampling stages

  1. Product


    A-samples are used in the development phase.

    We can produce initial prototypes using 3D printing processes.

  2. Product


    B-samples are used for proof of concept. These sample parts are used to test the function.

    For the B-sample phase, we make pre-series tools. This allows the tool concept to be checked. The near-series sample parts can be used for functional testing.

  3. Product


    The first falling parts from the series tool are called C-samples.

    We manufacture the series tools in our own tool shop. This enables us to transfer the knowledge gained from the previous phases to series production..