Industrialisation concepts

We industrialise customised parts and products for different industries and market segments.

By industrialisation we mean the development of a production process including the corresponding documentation as well as manufacturing the necessary equipment and automatic production machines.

The right industrialisation concept is a prerequisite for flawless series production.


A selection of possible industrialisation concepts

  1. Settings

    Tooling concepts

    We design and produce injection moulding tools in-house.

  2. Production

    Production automations

    For corresponding quantities, we offer production concepts with automatic production machines that are directly connected to an injection moulding machine.

  3. Production

    Assembly lines

    We develop upstream and downstream assembly processes with corresponding automated concepts.

  4. Engineering

    Automated testing machines

    For 100% testing of parts, we work with product-specific automatic testing machines.

  5. Production

    Packaging lines

    On request, we can also develop concepts with product-specific packaging lines.


«Benefit from my decades of experience in the development of industrialisation concepts.»

Heiko Höpfinger, Project manager