We support you in optimising your part design all the way to series production. The goal is always to develop a series-ready and stable production process. A plastic-compatible part design is the first step and the basis for this.

Our project managers in engineering also support and advise you on the material selection of the plastic as well as the specification and definition of the filter material.

In the co-engineering phase, we can offer added value with model and drawing proposals. Very often this is done in interaction with the customer’s design or development department via data exchange of parametric 3D models and red pencil drawings.

Feasibility studies are part of our standard process for dealing with enquiries. For this purpose, we have template documents that are adapted to our processes. With these documents, we ensure that all relevant technical points are already queried and checked for feasibility before the offer is submitted.

«A modern CAD system supports our engineering»


Solid Works

We work with the CAD system Solid Works.

This is how we proceed with parts development

  1. Engineering

    Verification of feasibility

    The customer's parametric 3D model is read into the CAD programme and checked for feasibility.

  2. Engineering

    Optimisation of part design

    The part design is optimised for feasibility and a stable manufacturing process.

  3. Engineering


    The customer receives an optimised 3D model for inspection and further processing.

  4. Engineering

    Inputs for drawing creation

    If a part drawing is already available from the customer, optimisations and information from us can also be incorporated here via a red pencil drawing.

  5. Engineering

    Drawing creation

    Based on the optimised 3D model, a draft drawing or drawing proposal can be created.

  6. Engineering

    Suitable choice of materials

    The raw materials are evaluated and designed for the part and application in collaboration with the customer.

  7. Engineering

    Analysis through filling study

    If required, the plastic part and injection mould can be analysed and evaluated with a filling simulation.

  8. Settings

    Injection moulding tool

    The basis for a stable plastic injection moulding process is precise, high-quality and high-performance injection moulding tool adapted to the part.

  9. Settings

    Automatic production lines

    Production automation, automatic assembly machines, automatic testing machines and packaging lines are procured via external partners on the basis of specifications from our engineering department.

  10. Engineering

    Advanced product quality planning (APQP)

    In order to guarantee the quality specifications and the corresponding documentation, we consistently work with instruments such as manufacturability studies, process FMEA, PLP and SPC.

  11. Production

    Parts production

    After sample and pre-series production, the series process is initialised on the basis of the production control plan.

«Do you see added value with our co-engineering approach?
I look forward to your enquiry.»

Thomas Lang, Senior Sales Manager




Optimisation of part design

With the optimisation of the part design in the co-engineering phase, we offer a decisive customer benefit.




Filling studies

To determine the filling behaviour and warpage of the plastic part, we work with filling simulations via Solidworks Plastics.



Tool draft design

If required, a draft design of the injection moulding tool can already be created in the co-engineering phase.